Predictions about Baba

"That after seeking which there is nothing more to seek;
That after attaining which there is nothing more to attain;
That power is this 'Siva Shankaram' !"
- Siddha Yogi Shri Siva Shankar Baba

Predictions of Nostradamus

The following are Quatrains from the book of Nostradamus which reveal the Truth about the coming of the Messiah in the life of Shri Siva Shankar Baba:

The last but one, of the surname of Prophet,
Shall take Diana for his day of silent rest,
He shall wander far by reason of his raving head,
Delivering a great many people from impositions.

The Prophet will be named after Lord Shiva (Diana – Moon) and will have Monday (moon day) as his day of rest. He will travel beyond the reasoning of his thoughts, uplifting the world from its sufferings.

The name Siva Shankar relates to Lord Shiva who is also called Chandrasekhara – The Lord of the Moon. The headquarters of Shri Siva Shankar Baba, named Samratchana, the centre for Self-realization, has its weekly holiday on Monday. Baba has been to various countries and has a large following in most of the world and his only aim is to uplift all humanity to the ultimate truth.

From the aquatic triplicity shall be born,
One who shall make Thursday his special day,
His fame, praise, rule and power shall grow,
By land and sea to become a tempest to the east.

(Cen: 1, Qtn: 50)

He will hail from India with the power of Jupiter, with Thursday as his special day.  Like a tempest, his spiritual message will spread throughout the world.

Sri Siva Shankar Baba hails from South India, where the three great oceans viz. The Arabian Sea, The Bay of Bengal and The Indian Ocean meet. His stars are ruled by Guru (Thursday), the lord of Jupiter, and he considers Thursday as his holy day.

The present time together with the past
Shall be judged by a great jovialist,
The world shall at last be weary of him
And shall be thought without faith by churchly critics.

(Cen: 10, Qtn: 73)

He will come with a power to give judgment to the souls of the past and present. Those who criticize the church will not be able to recognize him. This new prophet will do his work jovially.

Sri Siva Shankar Baba has a remarkably great sense of humor and carries out the mammoth task of bringing peace to this world, with ‘Love’ being his only device(pure, unconditional love) with a very simple approach, passing timely jokes, that one cannot comprehend the depth of the work he is engaged in by just looking at him.

Religion of the name of the seas shall come,
Against the sect of cartifs of the moon.

(Cen: 10, Qtn: 96)

The thunder religion derived from Indhu Mahasagar (Indian Ocean) will rule the world.

A Synopsis of Nostradamus’ Predictions from ‘The New Revelations’ by John Hogue

Throughout the Prophet’s visions of apocalypse, the theme of a new religious consciousness occurs again and again. It will flourish before the end of the 20th century. Spiritual life in the world starts blooming from July 1999.

A brief review follows:

The Great King will descend from the sky to rule the world. This messiah will bring peace on earth in the year 2002.(Chapter15 – C.9, Q. 66)

He will bestow benign enlightenment on people of the world.
(Chater15 – C.2, Q. 29)

He will unite the Faiths, Religions and Races into One. He will strike out old traditional rock-like dogmas with his spiritual teachings.
(Chapter15 – C.9, Q. 51)

Baba is successfully uniting religions. People flock to Samratchana disregarding differences of caste, creed, religion or age. And it is a wonderful sight to see ladies belonging to Christianity or Islam by birth, enthusiastically participating in the Lalitha Sahasranama pooja.

There will be a shift in Humanity’s consciousness to such an extent that even atheists would call upon Gods and saints.
(Chapter15 – C.1, Q.96)

People who are in regular touch with Samratchana activities appreciate the practical philosophy of Baba that instills love for God devoid of fanaticism. Baba has conducted widow remarriages and inter-caste marriages when people have expressed a desire to do so, striking at the root of age old dogmas.  So many atheists have turned into believers motivated by Baba’s pure love and the miracles that he has worked for them.

It is said, He will preach a unique historical phenomenon in the lines of a ‘New Age Movement’ or ‘Human Potential’, wherein, every individual strives to awaken his spiritual potential to realize the higher consciousness, which is well within him.

Baba advocates that everyone is God, and it is this realization that will make people realize the immensity of their potential.

The coming millenium (Year 2000) is a culmination of a 7000 year cycle. At this time, a Maitraiya, meaning friend, will appear to restore the momentum and power to all those seeking religious truth.
(Chapter15 – C.4, Q. 24)

As per various Nadi predictions, the divine light Baba appears only once in 7000 years! The loving care of the Universal Friend – Baba is revealed by the numerous free services in Samratchana, Kelambakkam and Vengaleri as an effort to elevate the living conditions of people and gradually turn their thoughts to God.

The sculptor looking for new clay. He and his followers will be soaked in clay.  He will mould them, as a sculptor moulds clay into divine forms.
(Chapter15 – C.9, Q. 12)

This is proved by the qualities of hundreds of youth volunteers and other devotees who gain joy from service to humanity.

While speaking about the new religious consciousness, that this Messiah will bring about, Nostradamus predicts the following:

This new religion shall spread the world over. It teaches a new acceptance of life – A kind of magic used as a launch pad to an experience of the divine. This suggests a concept of complete surrender to belief.
(Chapter15 – C.5, Q. 96)

Baba inspires us to accept whatever life has in store for us, thereby realizing our selves by living life to the fullest.

The millenium will bring blissful tranquillity and peace and wisdom.
(Chapter15 – C.9, Q. 66)

An equilibrium between the opposites of Science and religion will be reached.
(Chapter15 – C.6, Q. 24)

It is observed that Science is in accordance with and submits to the revelations of Baba.

The promised Golden age comes only after a brief period of mass destruction and apocalypse.

  1. Darkness and trouble in the Air, Sky and Land is predicted.
  2. Major geographical changes, like some countries going under the sea, the shift in the axis of the Earth, a great reversal of Nations, the Movement of the globe are predicted.

Nostradamus lists down some major clues to the character of the ‘New Religion’, its teachings and to the identification of the ‘New Spiritual Teacher’.

  • Nostradamus dates the rebirth of spirituality and a new religion at around 1984.
    (Chapter 13)

Sri Siva Shankar Baba attained Self-Realization on January 26th 1984.

  • This religious consciousness will gather momentum and reach its peak by the year 2012. The Humanity’s travail will finally end in the year 2016.
    (Chapter 13)

In his various speeches, Sri Siva Shankar Baba has authoritatively stated that the golden age of Humanity shall start in the year 2002 and shall continue through 2016 and beyond.

  • The person who brings this massive change will appear in Asia.
    (Chapter15 – C.10, Q. 75)

Needless to say, Sri Siva Shankar Baba was born in India, a part of Asia.

  • He will be born around the year 1950.
    (Chapter15 – C.4, Q. 50)

Sri Siva Shankar Baba was born in 1949

  • He will take the Moon’s day ie. Monday, as his day of silent rest.
    (Chapter15 – C.2, Q. 28)

The headquarters of Sri Siva Shankar Baba, Samratchana (The Centre for Self Realization) has its weekly holiday on Monday.

  • He will have a name related to the moon.
    (Chapter15 – C.2, Q. 28)

The name Siva Shankar relates to Lord Shiva who is also called ChandraSekhara – the Lord of the Moon.

  • ‘Ears filled with ornate speeches’
    (Chapter15 – C.1, Q. 96)A great Orator
    He will point out the fallacies of the traditional practices of the religions, and will preach the hidden treasure of wisdom of all religions, in an easily understandable manner.
  • “The Soft voice of the sacred friend is heard under Holy ground – the Human Flame shines for the divine voice.” People would wait to hear his Golden words of Truth.
    (Chapter15 – C.4, Q. 24)

Persons who are regular visitors to Samratchana will vouch for the fact that Sri Siva Shankar Baba is a great Orator who delivers impromptu speeches which invariably are simple to comprehend and understand.

  • He will preach the ‘New Religion’ and do away with the old judgmental faiths. A complete surrender to faith will ensure spiritual enlightenment in this new religion. His preaching would be to abandon both the past and our obsession with the future, but to focus all our intelligence and energy on “NOW”. Enlightenment is ever now. We are free to live in the ‘NOW’ forever.
    (Chapter15 )

Sri Siva Shankar Baba is quite unconventional in his methods of preaching and does away with old traditional practices. He preaches and practices the art of living in the present for it is the present that is definite.

  • He will unite the religions with ‘The Mystic Rose’.
    (Chapter15 – C.5, Q. 96)’The Mystic Rose’ – It represents the fire of awareness, sunset of the old world and the dawning of the inner enlightenment.
  • He will use unorthodox devices to stir people up, disturbing the status codes of social and religious behavior in our materialistic times.
    (Chapter15 – C.2, Q. 29)

Sri Siva Shankar Baba does not differentiate between religions and maintains that all religions are one, and every person, irrespective of his religion, is an embodiment of God himself. He practices informal spirituality. His weapons are Love, Simplicity, Service and Laughter.

  • He has the power to transform and liberate the individual to the TRUTH.
    (Chapter15 – C.2, Q. 29)

Sri Siva Shankar Baba breathes pure Love and surely has the powers to liberate all the persons who approach him, to the Ultimate Truth.

  • He will travel far and wide in his drive to uplift the suffering humanity and to bring peace to the world.
    (Chapter15 – C.2, Q. 28)

Sri Siva Shankar Baba has been to various countries and has a large following in many countries, including The United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, The Gulf, Nepal, Tibet and China.

Above all, there are these lines: ‘The young sage alone with his mind has seen it ….. His body in the fire’ – a subtle reference to (i) the death experience of Siva Shankar in 1984 leading to the manifestation of Baba (ii) the revelation of divine forms in Fire shown to us by Baba’s compassion.  It is finally concluded that unless man rises to spirituality, he cannot enter the next millennium. The wrath of God will destroy those who do not wake to this ‘New Religion’ of spirituality.

The Holy Bible

But when the father sends the comforter instead of me – and by the comforter I mean the Holy Sprit – he will teach you much as well as remind you of everything I myself have told you

St.John, 15:26

By this, Christ means that person who will come as the Prophet will be playing the role of a ‘Comforter’ and will be quoting the words of Jesus from Bible.

But I will send you the comforter, The Holy Sprit, the source of all truth. He will come to you from the Father and will tell you all about me because you have been with me from the beginning.

– St.John, 15:26


All the good souls who always trusted in God and Godly Jesus will be guided by the coming prophet.

He shall praise me and bring me great honor by showing you my glory.

– St.John, 16:14

But the fact of the matter is that it is best for you that I go away for if I don’t the comforter won’t come. If I do, he will – for I will send him to you.

– St.John, 16:7

Christianity believes in the second coming of Jesus but Jesus himself vouches for the fact that it is not Jesus who comes but a new person who believes Jesus and whom Jesus believes.

There is deliverance from judgment because the prince of this world has already been judged.

– St.John, 16:11

The new comforter has been judged for his qualities and has been empowered to give judgment for other waiting souls.

When the Holy Spirit who is truth, comes he shall guide you into all truth, for he will be presenting his own ideas, but will be passing on to you what he has heard, He will tell you about the future.

The new prophet can foresee the future and will also pass on True Wisdom which he has acquired with his own penance.

For many will come claiming my name and saying “I am the Messiah” and many will be misled by them.

St. Mathews, 21:5

The world should be careful about the false prophets.

There I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation that yields proper fruit.

St. Mathews, 21:43

Again Jesus emphasizes that the new prophet will not be from Europe but will be from another holy country like India.

What the Nadis foretell

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Nadis are manuscripts written in palm leaves by ancient seers of India. Various Nadi predictions give the following picture about Baba.


“You are a Trikala Gnani(the wise One who knows the past, present and future) who knows the past karma of any soul and can give solutions to ward off such karma. You will accept the karma of others, but you have been given a special boon by the Lord Himself that their karma will not affect you. For some people, you are a business adviser, for some an astrologer or soothsayer, for some, a good friend giving consolation to face life’s problems, but nobody on this earth knows who you really are and what your powers are. With the power of past-penance, God will fulfill any of your prayers instantly.”


KAGA BUJENDAR NADI (MADRAS) “As a result of his Purva Punya, Lord Vishnu has come to stay in his body. He is a very powerful force and a combination of all the divinity in one form.”

PARASARA RISHI NADI (MADRAS) “You will be wandering in the forests because of your past birth connections and will attain supernatural powers. Your whole life will be dedicated for divine causes. You will always be in the company of Saints, Siddhas and Yogis. The whole world will respect you as a DharmAtma (righteous Soul)”.

AGASTYA NADI (MADRAS) “In one of your previous births, you were born in Kaladi as Adi Shankara”.


SAHADEVA NADI (GUDIYATTAM) “It is said that you are the combination of Siva, Shakti and Vishnu. Mother ParaSakthi will bless you with both materialistic and spiritual happiness. You will have cosmic contacts”.

VASISHTA NADI (VAIDHEESWARAN KOIL) “You are born with the blessing of Lord Ayappa. You will have absolute divine grace throughout your life.”

He is empowered by God to give boon to any seeker who comes to him with problems. He will unite the tormented world and will bring peace to the suffering humanity. Numerous are the instances of extraordinary experiences of the devoteeswith Baba which were narrated to the Express Star Teller by the beneficiaries themselves– healing of incurable diseases, protecting the devotees from the accidents, childless couples being blessed with progeny, and much more.


The prelude to the consummation of history and the appearance of the Messiah will be a time of tribulation and confusion. Many passages describe how in the Last Days wars, famines, plagues, and natural disasters will abound and civilization will reach its nadir. People will become engrossed in materialism and hedonism, and love will grow cold. Buddhist and Hindu texts affirm that when the consummation is nigh even the civilizations of the contemporary Kali age will plummet to their lowest point.

In some scriptures, the last tribulation will be the appearance of the Beast, the Antichrist, or the Dajjal, who will deny the reality of God and deceive millions with a counterfeit truth. Exactly who the Antichrist might be has been the subject of much speculation, most of it fruitless: it is always possible to view the troubles of one’s own time as proof that the tribulations have come, and to identify the Antichrist as a church’s favorite opponent.

A number of texts describe the tribulation at the end of the age as primarily due to the decline of religion, as the inspiration of the founder is gradually forgotten and his teachings are corrupted. We record two passages from major religions predicting such a decline, and follow with two passages from new religions which describe the confusion at the turn of the age as due to the ossified teachings the old religion(s) colliding with the inspiration coming with God’s new dispensation.

In the evil age to come, living beings will decrease in good qualities and increase in utter arrogance, coveting gain and honors, developing their evil qualities, and being far removed from deliverance.

1. Buddhism. Lotus Sutra 13
But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, lover of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it.

2. Christianity. 2 Timothy 3.1-5
Society will be engulfed by ravaging wars, overflowing with havoc and devastation. In the beginning the conquerors will feel very happy over their successes and booties gathered therein, but it will all have a very sad end. I warn you of the wars of the future, you have no idea of the enormity of evil which they will carry.

3. Islam (Shiite). Nahjul Balagha, Khutba 141
Lotus Sutra 13: Nichiren, Japan’s foremost exponent of the Lotus Sutra, believed his own time to be the Age of Degeneration of the Law (Jap. Mapp-o, Skt. Saddharma-vipralopa), which demands a restoration at its end. Hence many have expected the coming of the Maitreya, or restorer, who will inaugurate a new age. Some sects of Nichiren Buddhism such as Soka Gakkai and Risshoko Sekai identify Nichiren himself as the restorer. A tradition at Daisekiji speaks of a preserved tooth of Nichiren (compare the Tooth of Buddha Temple at Kandy in Sri Lanka), and the claim is that new flesh has grown around the tooth and hence the new age is dawning. 2 Timothy 3.1-5: Cf. Hadith of Tirmidhi, p. 386.

With the footprints [heralding] the Messiah, presumption shall increase and dearth reach its height; the vine shall yield its fruit but the wine shall be costly; and the empire shall fall into heresy and there shall be none to utter reproof. The academies shall be given to fornication, and… the wisdom of the scribes shall become insipid, and they that shun sin shall be deemed contemptible, and truth shall nowhere be found. Children shall shame the elders, and the elders shall rise up before the children. The face of this generation shall be [brazen] as the face of a dog, and the son will not be put to shame by his father. On whom can we stay ourselves? On our Father in heaven.


1999 – End of Kali Yuga
– Dr. VedaVyas IAS, Ph.D.

The book contains a detailed comparison of the prophecies of ancient palm manuscripts (Nadi’s) named “Kala Gnanam” by Veera Bramhendra Yogi; verses from “The Holy Bible” with appropriate explanations; the predictions of Nostradamus; The Bhavishya purana of the epic Mahabharatam and Bhagawatam of Rishi Vedavyas. The book concludes by saying that the general theme and predictions of all the above are remarkable in their similarity.

The relevant portion of the book is reproduced below with appropriate explanations which confirm that Sri Siva Shankar Baba is the Avatara that the various books say about and He is the Messiah the world has been waiting for.

“The Avatara of God who shall appear on this earth by the end of the 20th century, is clearly described as the God of Gods”

“Let there be no mistake, the real Avatara of God, Lord Kalki, is no religious Fakir or Sadhu or a Saffron clad recluse! In fact, he is not a religious person, but a world leader, a born Yogi with political insight and spiritual vision to create one humanity! This and this alone, should help us to identify the coming Avatara! But many will be his assistants or lieutenants who appear on earth in order to help or assist God’s purpose. Almost every saint who has attained God realization in the last five thousand years and who is waiting for the Great One will be reborn”.

Siva Shankar Baba does not don the robes of a Sanyasi – nor does he maintain any semblance of a saintly life. He talks and dresses like each and every one of his million devotees. His down to earth and worldly appearance forces even the most determined “Doubting Thomas” to strike an immediate rapport with him. He practices informal spirituality and his weapons are simplicity, Love and laughter. His only mission being to uplift the humanity to realize the ultimate truth – The God Within. With this mission in mind, he has established “Samratchana” – The Centre for Self-Realization, and to this date, a lot of people have volunteered their services towards achieving his goal.

“Six great religions shall disappear and merge into one; in the twinkling of an eye the thoughts of the men shall be accomplished all over the globe”

It is obvious that Baba believes, preaches and practices the same.

“And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates, twelve angles, the names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel. And they see his face; and his name shall be on their foreheads.” – Bible – Rev. 22.4

The followers of Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva have the custom of smearing ashes or ‘Namam’ or ‘Sri Charanam’ in 12 places of the Body including the forehead, as a mark of complete surrender to the Lord. The ‘Namam’ in reality represents Lord Vishnu himself.

Photographs reveal a Namam on Baba’s face. This proves beyond doubt that, Baba himself is Lord Vishnu’s incarnation on earth.




                                       – Hilda Charlton

The book details the spiritual encounters between Lord Skanda and the author of the book by name Miss Hilda Charlton, a mystic teacher who was in this world and yet not of it. It is said in this book that she had visions of many perfected beings in the spiritual realm of the universe. Sri Skanda showed Hilda HIS true form and was always with her, guiding and leading her to the ultimate truth – Enlightenment.It is seen from a comprehensive reading of the book that many statements made by Lord Skanda, go to assert that a messenger will come to earth very soon and will uplift the troubled souls to the inner enlightenment. This book brings about Miss Hilda’s experiences with and visions of Lord Skanda. The Golden words of Truth that Sri Skanda spoke are detailed in the book.

It is said in the book that Sri Skanda chose full moon days for his discourses, since the brilliant beams at the time of full moon, signify the reflection of truth, which influences us in a special way during that time, by making our intuition more sensitive. Baba conducts special poojas on all full moon days at “Samratchana”, and emphasizes that people who attend these huge yagams and poojas performed by him, rise to greater levels in spirituality.

Sri Skanda further says that the Kali Yuga will recede and Sathya Yuga (Age of Truth), will dawn in the near future. Baba has many a time said in his discourses that the present yuga of Kali is to end shortly (around the year 2002 ) and the Sathya Yuga i.e., the age of Truth shall dawn. Baba’s ‘Rama Rajya’ is a testimony to the reign of Truth. Wisdom, understanding and Pure Uninhibited Love for all beings in this earth, must be the weapons to come through Kali Yuga unscathed.

Sri Skanda says to Miss Hilda on December, 18, 1983, that “the Western year, 1984 is about to begin. It is a crucial year, a harbinger of the darkness that is about to take place on Earth. Yet on the horizon, where your vision must remain, is the LIGHT, to lead you on. The harmonizing vibrations of truth are those which you have sought for ages, nowhere will you find it. Just remain true to the light within and follow its path. Never despair or fear but keep the eyes on the LIGHT ahead.” Sri Siva Shankar Baba realized his “Self – the inner light” in the year 1984, by the grace of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. Two years from then, Lord Skanda appeared before him and instructed him to carry out the mission of uplifting the humanity to the ultimate truth – God. Skanda further instructed him not to wear the robes of a sanyasi, not to accept anything in return for the services he does to the people, and not to renounce his worldly life. Skanda also assured him that his thoughts will materialize and his actions will turn out to be successful.

Sri Skanda, while instructing Hilda as to the rules of conduct she should observe to enable her to stay above the world and yet be of it, says, ” Fear not, for I walk beside you. While in contemplation in times of need, if a peacock feather appears, know it is my signal, that my peacock and I, Skanda are near”.

Various photographs taken while performing Harathis to Siva Shankar Baba show Lord Skanda with his Lance and Peacock appearing in flame.


                                       – Shri. Kreethathi Ananthar

The following is a synopsis from the book titled ‘Khilnaamakkarar’, a famous prophecy written by Shri. Kreethathi Ananthar which also goes to point out Baba as the Messiah who would appear in Madras (Now, Chennai)

The new flame, the star of hope who is to light up the entire world from the existing darkness, will rise from the southern part of India, more particularly Chennai and spread throughout India . He will make true the words of Vivekananda – a massive spiritual force will originate from Chennai and take the world by the storm of its magnificent spiritual power. His presence will start getting known to the outside world during the nineties, more particularly, within the five years preceding 2000 A.D..

One of the 18 siddhars will incarnate in South India, captivate millions of hearts, make them think of him all the time in single minded concentration and will exist with perennial fame. He will bring the people of the entire universe into one fold by the power of his love and eradicate all that is evil and wicked in this world. (Gorakkar – Bogha Rishi’s disciple). His reign will have no boundaries of distance or time. He will decide how long to rule the universe.

He will bear a name representing the third phase of the moon(3 days after new moon day – Baba’s name is Siva Shankar – one who wears the moon as an ornament on his head). He will be a spiritual leader of the top order, serving as a role model to the world’s inhabitants, destroy the evils in the world. The divine grace of the Lord has been totally bestowed on this person whose sole mission will be to get rid of all the troubles in this world. He will reside in everyone’s hearts and rule the world, making it a divinely peaceful place. Popularity will pursue him unasked. In an age when perversions are all set to destroy the world, he will quell it with unbelievable ease, holding the world spellbound.

He will make the world understand that all religions are one, bring people belonging to various religions under one roof; the world will learn to live in absolute peace and righteousness, for he himself will serve as an example. At this point of time, Bogha Rishi will appear in person along with other Rishis to partake of this bliss. He will have a compassionate nature, tenderly guiding the world on the proper path.

Religious and spiritual leaders who had so long been quarrelling amongst themselves will bow down to this person’s superior knowledge; he will be a master of all Vedas and holy books of various religions; he will be filled with justice and integrity. He will be bold and outspoken in his mission to spread good in the world. Those who see him, talk to him, hear his kind voice addressing them, partake of food along with him are really blessed. The world will become one happy family under one single roof. He will make people comprehend that God exists within everyone through his preachings and practices. People will rush eagerly to serve his mission. Truth will triumph.

It is evident that the predictions made by the author clearly points to Sri Siva Shankar Baba as the Star of Hope who will light up this entire world from the existing darkness.

Book review on Khilnaamakkarar

A review on the book, “Khilnaamakkaarar” written by Shri. M. Kreethathi Ananthar, that appeared in ‘The Hindu’ dated 12th March 1996;

“Stop the rot”! The commandment of a messiah who would soon emerge, probably from Madras, his face glowing with righteous indignation. All Self-seeking politicians with empty rhetoric, totally divorced from the real needs of the country, who are making democracy a mockery will be awed into silence before this supreme force for good. The subverters of Hinduism will tremble before this avatar of true secularism based on the theory that one religion is as true as another.

As a leader who could rally all right thinking persons round him, the messiah will establish the golden age Rama Rajyafirmly in India to make a shining example : and the whole world will gasp in wonder at the marvelous transformation under the banner of this colossus among administrators. And all mystics, in full elixir of life, who were shut off from the wicked world for ages would stage a comeback to witness a resurgent Bharat.

Many should like living in a fool’s paradise, but the author quotes chapter and verses of an array of prophecies, all alike to end by contrast, with an optimistic note that there will be light at the end of the tunnel of Kali yuga. One wonders whether there would be another Apollo (The god of the sun, prophecy, music, medicine, archery, pastoral life and poetic imagination) as in Greek mythology to punish Python, the hideous monster now another name for the mushroom tribe of venal politicians.

The earliest of the prophecies could be traced back to the Puranic age where the die is cast. There were other prophets to follow suit from time to time. All gleanings that are either enshrined in stone and copper-plate inscriptions or passed on to the author by word of mouth reinforce the inevitable happenings during the most dreaded Yuga which is said to be fast tapering off. It is interesting to observe that the Prophecies of Vallalar, Swami Vivekananda and Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar are welded together to make a comprehensive whole. Pon Paramaguru, the author of Naan Kanda Siddhargal would do well to incorporate the prophecies attributed to Thevar Thirumagan to justify the inclusion of his name in that collection.

It is a well-known Psalm that “The righteous shall inherit the earth.” The author supplements it with several other passages from theology. Among the prophets, relevant to India, mentioned is the French astrologer and physician, Nostradamus (1503 – 66), whose predictions in the form of rhymed quatrains appeared in two collections (1555, 1558) cryptic and apocalyptic in tone, they were reportedly given extensive credence, at the French court where Nostradamus was for a time, the personal physician to Charles XI. Their interpretation has continued to be the subject of controversy into the 20th century.