Rural Development

Baba’s long term mission is to inculcate the feeling of brotherhood among the varied sections of the society by breaking the barriers of economic status, class, religion, caste, creed, sect, age and sex.

Mere charity to the poor and needy will not solve the socio-economic problems of this society. The economically weaker sections of the society today are facing a lot of hurdles in their material upliftment .The reason being they cannot afford to spend on proper education that will fetch them a good earning. Today’s education has become very costly and is almost unreachable to the poor and the needy. This has resulted in the discrimination based on class and gets imprinted in the young minds which is the root cause of all the socio – economic problems. If this gap is bridged, that is to say, if the poor and the needy are provided with the same quality of education free of cost, this will be a beginning in removing the class differences, thereby achieving universal brotherhood.

Baba through “Samratchana” aims to unite all the religions, races and classes of people into one. Baba has adopted 18 villages around Chennai such as Vengaleri and Alathur.

Free academic education is provided to the people, apart from providing them with free Medical services, Training in technical education and also creating income generating opportunities for them, through ‘Grama Mempattu Sangam’ or ‘Village Development Society’, a wing of Samratchana.

The people of Vengaleri village have got a new hope in life as the free tailoring, typewriting and tuition classes open up avenues for a livelihood.

The main thrust of the Sangam is total health care. In the Free Medical camps conducted every week, the people queue up for free consultation and medicines. Complications are rushed to the nearby hospital and treated at the expense of the Sangam. Free food cooked in a healthy atmosphere by Samratchana volunteers is served to all and devotional songs are sung as the patients wait for their turns to see the doctors. The volunteers of Samratchana, visit the houses of the patients and periodically review their health status.

Job opportunities are provided by the Sangam, to the women pursuing the tailoring classes to earn, through the export orders taken by the Sangam for their benefit. The Sangam also encourages the women to earn by helping them manufacture various home-made food products and market them. The villagers are also taught how to invest their income wisely with all nuances of operating bank accounts made clear to them.

This is only a beginning, and Samratchana’s aim is to uplift the economically weaker sections globally, by rendering yeomen service to the people in need, thereby leading them towards Spiritual enlightenment.