About Samratchana

‘Samratchana’ means Total Protection.
The path to self-realization is depicted in the logo of Samratchana. “Saranam Abayam Aiswaryam” (Prostration Protection Prosperity)

The symbol in the logo illustrates this Truth.
At the base is a red, 8-petalled Lotus flower. The feet of the Lord rests on this Lotus flower. The Lord resides in the lotus blossom of a Yogi, whose heart is mellowed with love. ‘Yogi hridh padma vasinae’

Above it is My hand. If you steadfastly hold on to the Lord’s feet ‘Saranam’ (Surrender), I will offer you ‘Abayam’ (Protection). The palms of My hands are imprinted with Divine symbols namely, the Lance of Lord Muruga, Lord Rama’s bow and arrow, the Conch and Chakra of Lord Krishna, the Trident, the Mazhu of Lord Siva and all the 10 symbols signifying the 10 Incarnations of God — proof that The Divine is manifest in Me.

For the total trust you place in Me, I will bestow upon you all the 8 forms of wealth – Ashta Aiswaryam (health, wealth, strength, wisdom, courage, food, heritage, knowledge), indicated by the 8-petalled Lotus flower.

If you deserve it, I will even grant you ‘Moksham’ (Liberation), indicated by the Jyothi (Light) surrounding the hand.

The shortest Path to Liberation

Meditate on the words “SHANKARAM SIVA SHANKARAM” – the easiest, fastest way to experience the Divine Force within you.

The 8 names of Lord Vishnu (the Preserving force of all that is good) are contained in the mantra “Shankaram Siva Shankaram“. This mantra also contains the force that destroys all evil, Lord Siva. Siva means ‘Love’ – the essence of all religion. Siva also implies wisdom gained by practicing unconditional Love. ‘Shankara’ is another name for Lord Siva.

Shankaram‘ in the first part of this mantra is repeated to remove the ignorance that clouds our intellect and cleanse us by destroying all that is evil within us.

Siva‘ in the middle part of the mantra implies the wisdom gained after the destruction of negative forces within us.

Shankaram‘ in the last part of the mantra is repeated to experience Divine bliss using the wisdom gained by removing all that is negative within us.