About Shri Siva Shankar Baba


Baba, popularly called ‘God Uncle’ by thousands of his followers in India and abroad is the Messiah of God breathing love and preaching love.

Yes, here is a loving man called Baba, who is educated, hard working, and having the best human values. He loves you.

His love is unconditional just like the rain, wind, sun and moon. Why not share this love for which we have come to this world?

He does not don robes of a Sanyasi or ordain any external symbol of a saint because the ‘Temple’ is within each one of us and is not marked by any external paraphernalia. Without the barriers of caste, religion, gender, age or economy, Baba runs a self-realization centre in Chennai, India called, SAMRATCHANA

He gives spiritual counseling to the grieved and needy, heals & cures various ailments and solves numerous problems of suffering humanity with his prayers. He practices informal spirituality where there are no barriers between him and the seeker. He, being the first volunteer of His brainchild ‘Samratchana’, works nearly 22 hours a day for making our world a better place.

“Service to Mankind is service to God”

About Baba

Biography of Shri Siva Shankar Baba

Siddha Yogi Shri Siva Shankar, fondly known as, ‘Baba‘, was born on the 28th of January 1948, to the blessed couple, Shri Narayana Sharma and Tmt. VijayaLakshmi, in a small village called Aalangayam, near Vaaniyampadi in the North Arcot district of Tamil Nadu, India.

The parents of Siva Shankar, were great devotees and performed daily poojas which induced Bhakthi in the mind of the growing son. School Education of Siva Shankar at Rama Krishna Mission Vidyalaya, Perianaickenpalayam, Coimbatore, greatly contributed to the religious bent of mind and influenced his future life-style.

He graduated in Chemistry from the University of Madras and also finished his Post Graduate Qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Transport (U.K.), The Indian Institute of Road Transport (Pune) and from the Institute of Rail Transport (Delhi).

In the year 1968, Siva Shankar who was then working as the Branch Manager of an All India Transport Company, came in contact with Ratnagiri BalaMurugan Swamigal of Vellore. (It is said in various nadis that Bala Murugan Adimai Swamigal was in his previous birth, the great Bhogha Sidha of Palani, and Siva Shankar in one of his previous births was a disciple of that great Siddha. The Guru-Shishya relationship was re-established in this birth also). This was the guiding factor, which brought about his growth, both materialistically and spiritually.

From 1968, he began his Sabarimalai pilgrimage, every year, spurred by his father who was a great devotee of Lord Ayyappa. Whenever the Irumudi was kept on Siva Shankar’s head, he would be filled with divine ecstasy which was confined only to that particular moment in those days.

During the years 1968 to 1978, Siva Shankar became the Regional Manager in the same organization for entire South India.

It was in 1978 that Ratnagiri BalaMurugan Adimai Swamigal asked him to start his own business. Even though Siva Shankar was not very keen in starting his own business, he reluctantly obeyed his Guru’s command. The rest was his success story.

Between 1978 and 1983, he was a transport fleet owner, transport contractor, redistribution stockist of various products for Mysore Sales International Ltd, Geoffrey Manners, Detergents India Ltd; Producer of Documentary Commercials, owner of a public warehouse, and was in the management faculty of A.M. Jain Institute of Management, Madras.

He became the President of The Madras Goods transport association, Managing committee member of Andhra Chamber of Commerce, Chartered Secretary of Rotary Club – Anna Nagar, Managing committee member of AMITC, IRTDA (Jakarta), Institute of Transport and Traffic Engineers, FICCI and several other organisations.
He was a news reader and comperer in the Madras Doordarshan Television, President of a cultural association called ‘Vani Sangeet’, and Founder Director of Madras Institute of Transport Technology.

As a highly qualified Management Professional, and Associate Member of The Chartered Institute of Transport, U.K., The Indian Institute of Road Transport (Pune) and The Institute of Rail Transport (Delhi), he was connected with various government committees and the ‘Syllabus Formation’ Committee of Anna University. He participated in various symposiums and seminars and presented several commendable papers on Management.
He was the editor of the transport journal named ‘Trans-Reporter’ and ‘Transport News’, correspondent to the magazines ‘Road Carrier’ and ‘Road Transport’ published from Bombay and Delhi respectively. He wrote a few books on Transport management and was on the panel of Baroda University for evaluating Ph.D papers.

He was leading a very successful wordly life. He instated an idol of Lord Ayyappa in January 1983, in his bungalow at Anna Nagar, Madras, and worshipped Him ever since.

In May 1983, Kanchi Kamakoti Jagadguru Peetathipathi Jayendra Saraswathi Sankaracharyar Swamigal, paid a visit to his bungalow and performed pooja to the idol worshipped by Mr. Siva Shankar and he said, ‘This Ayyappa idol here is very powerful. Why don’t you construct a temple for him?’ Siva Shankar never took it seriously then. But, in November 1983, he approached Ratnagiri Swamy regarding the construction of the Ayyappa temple. Swamy advised him to construct a temple in the South-West corner of his bungalow. On November 16, 1983, he went to Sabarimala and had a darshan of Lord Ayyappa.

Later, he came in contact with Mr.T.S.Sambhamoorthy Sivachariar, Head Gurukkal of the the Kalikambal temple at Thambu Chetty Street, Madras, and Swami Ramdas of Thiruverkadu. With their advice, a temple was constructed and the Kumbabhishekam was fixed on December 13 – 15, 1983. Again, after the kumbabhishekam, he went to Sabarimala and had darshan of Lord Ayyappa on January 16, 1984.

Around the same period, one day in Agastya Ashram at Palghat, Kalasa Abhishekam was done, with the chanting of Shyamala Kanaka Sankarshini maha mantra to Siva Shankar by the priest there, Shri. Nochur Swamigal. After this, he started visiting the Kaligambal temple at Thambu Chetty Street, Madras, quite regularly. During this time, Vidhvan Lakshmanan (popularly known as BalaJosier), gave Ganapathi Mantra Upadesham to Siva Shankar, as per the command of his Guru Brighu Rishi.

On January 26th 1984, when the annual trust Abhishekam was being performed to Lord Murugan of Ratnagiri temple, Siva Shankar kept crying continously for more than 1 hour without knowing the reason for the same. On a piece of paper, Ratnagiri Swamigal wrote ” Within this month-end there will be a welcome turning point in your life. God’s blessings”. On the same night, after reaching Madras, it was in the early hours (around 3.30 a.m.) that the greatest turning point in his life occurred.

Swami Raghavendra of Mantralaya appeared physically before him and gave him a vision of his own dead body, by separating the body from the soul. That minute he had the same experience which Venkatraman had before he became Bala Ramana Maharishi. This experience is also predicted in the Sahadeva Nadi of Siva Shankar which says “The body and soul were separated and the soul saw the body.”

This experience was followed by another one in which a snake originated from Siva Shankar stood to the left side of Lord Muruga, and then vanished to become a seer with a Golden Face who said, “For every full moon, Rupees Eight, Eleven Full Moons, Swaminatha Venkateswara, Swaminatha Venkateswara, Swaminatha Venkateswara.”

This vision was to indicate that Siva Shankar was destined to receive Ashta Maha Siddhis (In the language of Siddhas, eight rupees means Ashta Maha Siddhis) within eleven full moon days, with the mantras of Sadakshara (Swaminatha) and Ashtakshara (Venkateswara).

Following this, Siva Shankar went to Thiruvannamalai regularly every full moon and started receiving various Siddhis as was ordained by HIM.

During Guru Purnimas in the year 1984, Siva Shankar was blessed by Yogi Ram Surat Kumar, God Child of Thiruvannamalai. Yogi Ram Surat Kumar graced Siva Shankar with mantras of Rama and Govinda and blessed him.

Exactly after eleven full moons from January 1984, his business collapsed. His Sadhana continued despite all the hurdles and trials he had to encounter in his life during his quest for God – the period when God played hide and seek with him. With a bag slung on the shoulder of his strained body, having taken the vow of silence, Siva Shankar resolutely searched for God unmindful of his family or the profits and losses of his business. His feet became Lord Rama’s feet as he walked on in search of God, in severe summer and winter, without footwear, stumbling against stones and thorns. All his relatives and family who thought high of him when he was wealthy, now looked down upon him.

His pilgrimage continued. He visited the Holy shrines of Thiruvannamalai, Palani, Kasi, Kailash, Kanyakumari, Amarnath, Badrinath, Mahendragiri, and several others. Blessings from Spiritual Masters overflowed. Many miracles happened to those who were with him during his search for God. Siva Shankar was gradually being elevated to greater and greater levels in Spirituality until a time came when He realized Him and God were one and began having the bliss of experiencing the Divine within Him. From then on, the power of His penance and grace rose so high that there was no power greater than Him – He became, verily, the Supreme – the embodiment of Truth, Wisdom and Purity.

That having attained which there is nothing more to attain

That having sought which, there is nothing more to seek

That power is this ‘Siva Shankaram’

Shri Siva Shankar Baba’s experiences with the Divine

That having attained which there is nothing more to attain

That having sought which, there is nothing more to seek

That power is this ‘Siva Shankaram’

During Siva Shankar Baba’s spiritual quest, He experienced several Divine forms and received their blessings.  Here are some of Baba’s experiences with the Divine.On one of his pilgrimages to Mount Kailash, Lord Skanda appeared before him in the guise of a small boy, and gave a heap of stones in his hands and spoke in Tamil, “Build a big fort for father” ‘AlTôdÏ JÚ ùT¬V úLôhûPLhÓ’ meaning the construction of a Spiritual Temple for the Father.

Another time, during his pilgrimage to Kailash, after performing inner ‘parikrama’, he saw Lord Ganeshastanding before him with his hand raised in blessing.

Yet another time, during his pilgrimage to Kailash, after performing inner ‘parikrama’, he saw all the 33 crore Devas (Celestials) bowing down before him in prayer.  Siva Shankar thought, ‘It is I who should be worshipping you, why are you bowing before me?’  For which all the Celestial beings replied in chorus, “You are verily Lord Badrinaraya, Himself” (Aap saakshaad Badrinarayana Bhagwan ho).

On another pilgrimage, Lord Siva accompanied Siva Shankar in his train journey in the guise of a Military Officer.

His Experience

Once when Siva Shankar was to take a dip in the Ganges river, Mother Ganges appeared in the form of a young girl wearing a green dress.  She came up to him and asked in Hindi, “Uncle, why has it taken you so long to come to me?”

During his pilgrimage to Badrinath, he had a darshan of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi together with Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga.

When Siva Shankar fasted for 48 days in Thiruvannamalai, Yogi Ram Surat Kumar washed his hands, offered him ‘rasam’ rice and terminated his fast.  He blessed him saying, “Shirdi Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, You are Siva Shakar Baba. You are Arunachal Baba, You are our Baba”.  “Siva Shankar is God’s Prime Minister.  He is doing my Father’s work all the time and my Father Arunachala is highly pleased with him.”  When a Mahaan washes his hands and offers it to drink, he is actually offering all his powers with it.

When Baba visited Koti Mahaan (a Sage who lived for 400 years) in Puravipalayam, Koti Mahaan said, “Grand Sire, You are Kailash!  You are Vaikuntam!  Go throughout the world and serve the people.”  He transferred his powers to Siva Shankar by giving his ‘padhuka’ (sandals) and ‘kulla’ (turban).  Koti Mahaan is one of the four Saints adorning the Gopuram (in the shape of Lord Venkateshwara’s crown) of the ‘Hari Hara Hiranya Garpa Veera Venkatesa Satya Narayana Shri Siva Shankara Poorana Brahmam’ idol created by Baba, in Samratchana, Kelambakkam.

On 26th January 1984, Siva Shankar had gone with his family to the temple of Lord Skanda at Ratnagiri to perform the annual Abishekam to Lord Skanda. At the temple, tears started flowing from Siva Shankar’s eyes and started weeping continuously for more than an hour, without knowing the reason. Then, Balamurugan Swamigal (who has taken the vow of silence) wrote the following in a piece of paper and handed it to Siva Shankar: “Within the end of this month there will be a welcome turning point in your life. God’s blessings.”On the very same night, after reaching Madras, in the early hours (around 3:30am) the greatest turning point in his life occurred!

Swami Raghavendra of Mantralaya appeared physically before him and Siva Shankar saw the vision of his own dead body by separating the body from the soul.   This death experience is also testified in the ‘Sahadeva Nadi’ of Siva Shankar which says, ‘The body and soul were separated and the soul saw the body.’  The he saw a snake come out of his body and position itself on the left side of Lord Skanda.   It vanished to become a Seer with a luminous, golden face who said, “For every full moon, rupees eight, eleven full moons. Swaminatha Venkateshwara, Swaminatha Venkateshwara, Swaminatha Venkateshwara.” This vision was to indicate that Siva Shankar was ordained to receive ‘Ashta Maha Siddhis’. In Siddhas’ language(language of Hermits), ‘eight rupees’ means ‘Ashta Maha Siddhis’, within eleven full moon days, with the mantras of Sadakshara (Swaminatha) and Ashtakshara (Venkateshwara).   Swami Raghavendra is another of the four Saints adorning the Gopuram of the Poorana Brahmam idol in Samratchana.

After these experiences, Siva Shankar went to Thiruvannamalai regularly, every full moon, and started receiving various ‘Siddhis’ as was ordained by the Father. During ‘Guru Purnimas’ (full moon nights that fall on a Thursday), Siva Shankar got the blessings of Yogi Ram Surat Kumar, God-child of Thiruvannamalai. Yogi Ram Surat Kumar instated the mantras of Lord Rama and Govinda and blessed him.  Siva Shankar realized that he had obtained ‘Ashta Maha Siddhis’ when he saw a dead cockroach regain life and scamper away, the moment His eyes fell on it.

In the year 1986 at Palani Hills, Lord Skanda appeared before Siva Shankar in his princely form and instructed him to carry out the mission of uplifting humanity to the ultimate truth – God.  Lord Skanda gave Siva Shankar 3 instructions:  1.  Do not don the robes of a Sanyasi.  2.  Do not to accept anything in return for the services you render to people.  3. Continue to lead a family life and live with the family until your duties are done.   Lord Skanda commanded Baba to serve humanity and undertook to guide him internally throughout his mission.

Having realized the ‘Self’ and comprehended that the ‘Self’ is ‘God’, (in Sanskrit, “aham brahmAsmi tattvamasi” meaning, “The Lord is within me; Thou art That”), he started a centre for Self-realization called “Samratchana”, at Madras (now Chennai), India.

Knowing that this world is a luxury, you must be grateful to God for blessing you with a human life. Do as much charity and as much penance as you can. That is your passport to the other world.This world does not accommodate the poor, and the spiritual world does not entertain those who lack Divine Grace.

Charity is not restricted to wealth alone.  Charity can be rendered through any means; it can be the sharing of knowledge or medical services, distribution of food.  In ancient days, generous persons constructed ‘chowltries’ (chathirams; rest houses) to shelter and feed weary and hungry pilgrims.  It was considered a blessing to be able to distribute food to yatris (pilgrims).

Wealth, if not used for good purposes, is equivalent to a toxic tree that poisons air. Therfore, the first step towards self-realization is: understanding that worldly possessions are false.  Next step is: knowing that God is the only immutable power and He is our only refuge.  And subsequently embark on the voyage towards the Ocean of Blisscalled God.  Do charity while you are prosperous.  Perform poojas and sing the Lord’s praises.

His Message


Give without hoarding 

Do charity in some way, may be sharing your knowledge, serving others, anything you can.  The fragrance of a flower remains in the hands of the one who has held it, even after it is discarded. You will find joy in giving, regardless of whether the recipient has felt the happiness or not.

Contemplate, always, on the Lotus Feet of the Lord

Whatever you do, have your thoughts focussed on the Lord, in any form you like, be it Perumal or Siva or Muruga.  Have the Lord in your thoughts always.  Sip coffee assuming that the Lord is sipping it from within you.  When you bathe, imagine that you are performing ‘abhishekam’ to the Lord. Dress well, knowing that you are adorning the Lord.  When you eat, consider it as ‘neivedyam’ to the Lord.  Seek God within.

Know that the Lord is the Doer, you are His chosen instrument 

When you perform charity, it is possible that at one stage, you become conceited.  To avoid this, remind yourself that you are the custodian of God’s money; it does not belong to you.  God has entrusted you with His wealth, so that you may perform more charity and therefore accumulate virtues on your way.’

Why must you know yourself?  So that you understand that you are not this physical form that you assume yourself to be; you are an aspect of the Divine.  And then you will accept the bouquets and brickbats handed down to you, with equanimity, because you know that it is the God within you who is receiving them.  If someone garlands you, he or she is garlanding the Lord within you.  If someone ridicules you, he or she is ridiculing the Lord within you.  Surrender everything that happens to you, to the Lord within.  This is the state of self-realization. When you attain this state, there is nothing you have to do.

There is only one difference between an Agnaani (ignorant person) and a Meignaani (realized person).  An agnaani’s soul watches in silent amusement, the person fooling himself with the bodily illusions of this world.  When someone realizes that this physical form and the world it is attached to, are false, then this physical form starts enjoying the bliss of the Supreme Soul within.

Siva Shankar Baba is happy always, in a constant state of ecstasy, because he has become a Gnaani (realized person) by God’s Grace.  I can bring forth any Divine Aspect from within Me, because the physical form is able to visualize that aspect of Divinity as the soul guides it.  I am seeing with my physical eyes, everything that goes on at the soul level.  I am able to visualize Muruga dancing on His Golden Peacock.

If you want this to happen to you, overcome your attachment to your physical form during your lifetime.  Learn to see the Light within.  Familiarize yourself with the sound vibrations within you and you will attain that bliss.  Then nothing in the world can affect you. No one can disturb your poise.  You have comprehended God’s presence within you.  And He will start performing for you. You can extend this to help anyone who seeks your help.  That is how it happens to me.  I have realized God within, and so He attends to every task of mine.  He knows what is needed for me.

You have come to me, because of your faith in my Divinity.  I tell God within me, ‘These persons have come to me with faith. Please take care of them’.  If prayers are powerful enough to ignite the power from within an idol, how much more powerful a human form can be!  Pamban Swamigal says, ‘Even if you let me down, do not let down those who have come with the faith that I am You’. This is the thinking pattern and living philosophy of a Gnaani.  It is possible for you too to attain this state.  You only need to set out on your quest for Truth, then results start happening.  That is what Jesus means by saying,

Ask and you shall receive
Knock and the doors shall open
Seek and you shall attain.

Unfortunately, persons are asking for or seeking worldly trinkets.  It is difficult for you to believe me when I say you are seated on water.  But dig the ground and you will find water at some depth underground; continue digging, you will hit oil, and if you dig deeper you may strike gold.  If your search is true, you will truly find what you are searching for.  If your search is for Truth, you will attain Truth.  To strike gold, you will have to dig deep. You know that Pillaiyar (Lord Vinayaka) is one form that can be moulded into any substance, be it clay or turmeric or gold. I have dug deep within me, and I have become a gold Pillaiyar.  Let us assume you are not able to put in as much effort as I did.  Dig till you hit clay at least.  I will then be able to mould a clay Pillaiyar of you.  And you will be worshipped on Vinayaka Chathurthi day!  It does not really matter if you are not yet able to become a gold Pillaiyar.  If you nurture the drive to become at least a clay Pillaiyar, you will become a Pillaiyar.  And you know that Pillaiyar is the principal deity; all prayers are directed to Him first. So it will be worth your while!  This is what spirituality is all about. But, you must initiate that thought.

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