Dear Baba,

Thank you!

You had suggested that we sense Rathnagiri’s Swamigal’s pulse on The Silent Mountain. . Rathnagiri Swamigal was extremely pleased, beaming with happiness and laughing childishly like a little kid when we presented the book.

Below is a description of the events:

Just as we entered the temple premises, Rathnagiri Swamigal was already in the parking lot by coincidence. We said Shankaram Siva Shankaram. He blessed us and signalled us to meet him at the shrine.

At the shrine, we presented Rathnagiri Swamigal with an exclusive temple edition of The Silent Mountain, a hard bound copy, a perfect bound copy, garlands, fruits, coconut, beetel leaves, turmeric and a box of Belgium chocolates. Rathnagiri Swamigal opened the book and flipped through a few pages. He signalled Prasad, the priest, to place the book at the feet of Lord Muruga.

We had written a detailed letter to Rathnagiri Swamigal. In that letter, we had described that for someone who has never read a Tamil book, to complete The Silent Mountain over 2 and a 1/2 years is only because of Siva Shankara Murugan. We mentioned that we hoped that this book would spread the glory and magnificence of Lord Muruga to an international audience and benefit upcoming generations.

He blessed appa and I with an angavastram. He signalled asking if Baba has seen this. He enquired about you Baba. He read the letter and was very happy. We did our namaskarams. He kept aside a temple exclusive book and a perfect bound book for the temple and signed two books for us separately. He then lead us to his office. We were pleasantly surprised.

In the office, he was extremely happy and smiling all the time. He signalled to us to be seated before him. I was quietly chanting Shankaram Siva Shankaram. He wrote on his white slate how this temple was under developed and was made of just stone and rocks decades ago.

We witnessed Rathnagiri Swamigal’s love for you Baba. He loves you so much. He recounted how you would lie down in the temple’s rocky floors. He recalled how you would come in a bike and visit him. He described how both of you have seen so many ups and downs in your spiritual journey in this kali yuga. He then fondly remembered you in your white pyjama kurta. He mentioned about how he has fed you with love. We enjoyed seeing Rathnagiri Swamigal share his experiences about you.

Rathnagiri Swamigal then spent a few minutes reading through the pages. He smiled as he read through the pages and recounted his memories of the temple. I informed him that Baba had provided feedback to include pictures. He saw all the pictures and was happy to see that even recent pictures at the  Samratchana homam were included. He asked us if we were at the homam and described his travel to Samratchana through signs.

Rathnagiri Swamigal replied in a letter that its a pleasant surprise to see the book. He said that it is Lord Muruga’s thoughts and blessings that there was even an opportunity for this massive effort to translate His book written by Siva Shankar Baba who has accompanied him from his humble beginnings. He said that he was moved and touched by this effort. He blessed the family to lead a happy life. He approved one hundred copies to be shared with the temple administration.

We then took pictures with Rathnagiri Swamigal. He smiled and asked us to remove the masks, mandated by the temple, before taking the pictures. He asked me to take picture not only with me seated but with both of us standing as well. We were emotionally moved and touched. He then applied sacred ash on my forehead. We did our namaskaram and with his permission, exited the office. He even asked his helper to see us until the car with all the goodies. We politely said we are good and thanked him for his generosity and blessings.

Overall, thanks to your blessings Baba, Rathnagiri Swamigal was immensely happy, moved and touched. His eyes became moist and he wrote the letter while taking heavy breaths. It was a treat to see Rathnagiri Swamigal’s childish laughter and share his happiness. Attached is a picture and a copy of the letter in case you wish to see it, Baba.

As per his instructions, I will proceed with printing 100 copies for the Rathnagiri temple, library, etc. I pray to you that the glory and magnificence of Rathnagiri Balamurugan and Rathnagiri Swamigal spreads internationally through Siva Shankar Baba’s book – The Silent Mountain.

Shankaram Siva Shankaram,
Thank you